Henrosa’s History

Since 1935

Built in 1935, originally called Biarritz Hotel, with the last renovation of lobby entrance added in 1951 by architect Harry O. Nelson. Recognized by the Miami Beach Architectural District 1979 and Miami Design Preservation League, in addition to Art Deco Historical Preservation. Hotel Henrosa was last opened 10 years ago and features an asymmetrical façade design, continuous eyebrows of the rounded hotel architecture, vertical racing stripes across the west elevation, neon signage, with a stretched octagonal porthole relief at first floor level.

The 1950’s

Dorothy Sebastian was a silent screen actress who married Herman Shapiro and bought the Henrosa hotel in Miami Beach. The 1950’s brought a brand new career for Dorothy, she and her husband Herman ran the Hotel in Miami Beach Florida. In the beginning she feared she might be bored but soon she reveled in the busy atmosphere and the opportunity to mix with the public again as a hostess (she was recognizable to many as a former actress). Dorothy was really taken with many of the Cuban visitors that stayed at the hotel and she worked hard to quickly learn Spanish so she could better converse with them. In December of 1955 she went to Cuba to visit with her new friends made at the Henrosa Hotel.