In the 1920s, Española Way became Miami Beach’s first commercial development. It was designed as an artists’ colony inspired by Mediterranean villages. Today, it retains a bohemian atmosphere with its iconic peach-colored paint. In May 2017, Miami Beach invested $2.5 million to turn Española Way into a pedestrian-only street, reviving its original vision.It was certainly a place for locals and travelers to gather and celebrate. Besides being a historic street between 14th and 15th on Miami Beach, it resembles a charming Mediterranean revival-style village.

As I sit savoring a cappuccino at a French café, my view encompasses the enchanting scenery of Española Way. Pink stucco buildings, adorned with striped awnings, and adorned with wrought iron balconies. Towering palm trees sway gently in the breeze, casting dancing shadows in the morning light. The ambiance is serene, and conversations are hushed. However, the previous night on Española Way was an entirely different affair.

I recall the vibrant scene that unfolded as I walked back from a delightful tapas and sangria dinner at Tropezón. Additionally it has outdoor tables stretched along the street, illuminated by twinkling lights, filled with diners engaged in lively chatter that extended into the late hours. It felt as if I had stumbled upon a summer night in Paris, Rome, or Madrid—an experience I cherished.

A Charming way

A century ago, Española Way was conceived as an artists’ colony, mirroring the charm of Mediterranean villages. Despite enduring storms and economic fluctuations over the years, this two-block area has remarkably maintained its distinctive character. Today, the resurgence of Española Way owes much to the revitalization of a row of buildings. Strolling along the village’s buildings, I am treated to a delightful paseo adorned with vibrant tables and chairs, meticulous landscaping, overhead lights, and a tiled floor. Within the stylish El Salón, patrons can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails, while just a few steps away, Bar Pintxo tantalizes with its selection of Basque-style pintxos, perfect accompaniments to cocktails.

On the rooftop, a walkway seamlessly connects two buildings, featuring a pool, plush cabanas, and a bar. Española Way’s allure is as captivating today as it was in the past—an immersive and transporting experience that should not be missed.

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